Boca Java Atomic Coffee Arrives at Safeway – Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Boca Java Atomic Coffee Arrives at Safeway - Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Boca Java Atomic Coffee Arrives at Safeway – Not Your Average Cup of Joe

Warning caffeine lovers! Boca Java Atomic coffee has a 50 percent more caffeine than other coffee beans 100% Arabica, which is sure to give you the energy boost you need. Safeway stores in Colorado now offer three varieties, Cinna hum of the pump and peanut butter flavoring BLAST Java without all without calories. See what they call a lot of fans around the coffee stronger Atom.

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Boca Java coffee Atomic was developed for extreme styles of life and for those who have no time to slow down! You go after a long workout in the morning to work, cramming a student for exams, you go for video games additional cycle, or position in the last turn in the mad scientist working Joe invented the perfect rest mix 100% Arabica flavors and extra caffeine dose of 50%, in order to deal with any kind of work.

“There is an explosion of energy and taste,” Jason Barrow, president and CEO, said. “It’s a good alternative to sugary, popular drinks among young adults who need additional energy to initiate efforts and spend the day.”

Do not get a high dose of caffeine in your drink with sugar crash with energy drink should be ranked high in calories combined. A cup of coffee has no caffeine boost adjustment calories- Next time if you plan to take this big box of carbonated water with sugar on the top shelf – give caffeine Boca Java Coffee Extra Atomic trying.

Although the atom coffee for years has been available online, this is the first time the product will be introduced in grocery stores. “This type of product meets a younger population, which is multi-tasking and the use of energy products themselves known through their day. We are pleased to offer a new type of product on the market,” says Mary Ann Lombard, Director of sales.

The flavors are:

Boca Java coffee breath atom Java: Java explosion get delicious freshly roasted coffee that is used to it, but with an outlet.

Boca Java Atomic Cinna-Buzz Café: The amazing cinnamon flavor will not be forgotten experience, and of course, the extra caffeine will begin the day strong.

Boca Java Coffee Peanut Butter Atomic Bomb: What is better than extra caffeine in coffee? The explosion of the taste of peanut butter on the coffee! Try your favorite today.

Seeking a serious impact on the day? They liked the flavor and increase the caffeine can be no sugar and calories. Boca Java Atomic is available online at BocaJava.com/atomic or Safeway shops in Colorado on the top shelf –only mad scientist Joe in the driveway of coffee looking!

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